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          • Coronavirus COVID-19 updates

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        • Wintec Generic 90% Graduate Home Page

          Wintec offers over 130 degrees, diplomas, and certificates.

        • Te Kete Kōnae

          Learn more about Te Kete Kōnae and how this service uses best practice to engage with students and staff on their journey at Wintec.

        • Scholarships

          Learn about Wintec-specific and other nationwide scholarship programmes that you can apply for online.

        • Student Support Services

          Wintec has a variety of services to help our students beyond just their study.

        • Bridging and Foundation

          Wintec bridging and foundation courses give you the basics, so you can continue to a path of study you are interested in.

        • Wintec has moved to an online model of operation. We are here for our current and future students.

          504 Gateway Time-out

          contact us by email and phone during business hours from Monday to Friday. For our latest updates, please click here.



          504 Gateway Time-out-澳门赌场网址大全 

            We are highly engaged with local industry about what type of graduates they need now, and what they will need in the future.

          Find out more below about the programmes and services we can offer our students.

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