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Studying 看护 at Wintec involves a combination of learning theoretical knowledge with hands-on learning in real healthcare environments. Students will have the chance to provide supervised nursing care with health consumers, whānau and communities, throughout their programmes.


Registered nurses

Registered nurses could focus on mental health, child health, aged care, oncology (cancer), community health, primary health care or workplace health and safety. A nurse's day will be spent planning and carrying out nursing care in a specialist clinical area, monitoring patients, recording important changes in patient conditions, giving medication and intravenous drugs, checking equipment and supplies or educating patients and their families about health care needs. 
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This programme is for students who have already achieved a recognised bachelor's degree in another discipline.

Enrolled nurses 

Enrolled nurses work across a range of healthcare specialist settings. They work under the supervision of a registered health practitioner to care for and educate patients in rehabilitation, acute care, aged care, and mental health.

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Advanced nursing practice

With postgraduate qualifications graduates can work in Advanced Nursing Practice roles which include nurse educator, clinical leader, clinical nurse specialist, clinical charge nurse, registered nurse prescriber in long term and related conditions, health services manager and case manager/co-ordinator. If students undertake the nurse practitioner pathway in the Master of Nursing, upon graduation they can apply to the 看护 Council of New Zealand for the Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice. Nurse Practitioners provide a wide range of assessment and treatment interventions, ordering and interpreting diagnostic and laboratory tests, prescribing medicines within their area of competence and admitting and discharging from hospital and other healthcare services/settings. As clinical leaders they work across healthcare settings and influence health service delivery and the wider profession.

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Entry to nursing

Entry to 看护 Pathway

Postgraduate nursing

Postgraduate nursing pathway diagram

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Wintec academic and 2019 Kudos Science Trust Award Finalist Ricci Wesselink is making a difference to student learning by flipping Wintec's education model. Her research and practice focuses on changing delivery to enhance learning outcomes.

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Students spend time in work placements for credit towards their qualifications. The amount of time they spend on placement in relation to class time varies according to what qualification they're studying and the year they’re in; first year students will spend approximately a quarter of the year doing work placement compared to third year students who will spend most of their time on placement.

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In the Centre for Health and Social Practice we provide practical interprofessional education that prepares students for a future in the health and social practice industry.

If you have a passion for people, nursing, social work and counselling, physiotherapy, occupational therapy or midwifery are all challenging but rewarding choices. Our courses and programmes are a great way to start your career, supported by experienced and registered academic staff.

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