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Veterinary Nursing

Whether it’s working in a veterinary clinic as a nurse, or caring for animals in catteries, kennels or pet retailers, work in veterinary nursing is a rewarding career for people who love animals.

Veterinary nurses are involved in taking x-rays, collecting blood samples and caring for sick and injured animals. They could do a spell on reception, clean out cages, sterilise and prepare surgical instruments, administer medication and injections, and assist veterinarians on call-outs to houses and farms.

Animal attendants could work in kennels, veterinary practices, catteries, pet shops, research or animal care centres. The role could involve bathing, grooming, feeding and exercising animals, cleaning their cages, and treating minor injuries under the supervision of a veterinarian.

Animal control officers ensure that people control their animals so they do not create problems for others. To achieve this they may have to give warnings or issue offence notices, educate the public about animal welfare and catch stray dogs. They may also be involved in feeding and caring for animals in pounds, carrying out cleaning duties and organising the adoption of animals.

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